In-service Training

For schools/agencies we offer in-service training, consultation, and program development. Training and consultation may include an in-service presentation on the DIR/Floortime Model, on-going coaching for teachers and staff , and developing behavioral plans. 

We have developed numerous programs throughout Long Island and the New York City. Program development may involve a long or short-term collaboration with schools/agencies seeking to incorporate the DIR/Floortime Model into their everyday learning environment.


  1. Have you ever considered introducing the DIR/Floortime Model program to you school but not sure where to start?
  2. Do you have any children with learning challenges that may benefit from a DIR/Floortime school-based “behavior plan?”
  3. Have you thought about providing coaching in DIR/Floortime practices for your teachers and staff?
  4. Have you considered providing DIR/Floortime music-based coaching for your music educators?

If you have answered “yes” to any of the above questions and would like additional information regarding training, consultation, and/or program development, please do not hesitate to call or email us.