UnknownHi all,

I am excited to annouce a NEW IMCAP-ND CMTE Course being offered at Howard Community College in Columbia, MD on May 3rd and 4th. This 2-day course offers music therapists an opportunity to earn 35 CMTE credits while gaining an in-depth view on the practical and theoretical perspective on the IMCAP-ND. This includes musical and extra musical application, scoring techniques, data analysis, goal and report writing, and communicating results to families and professionals.

The IMCAP-ND adds to multidisciplinary, developmentally-driven ways to discern and strengthen human capacities. The ‘right brain’ is given voice in the IMCAP-ND and offers all pediatric disciplines a window into the full range of human drama.” 

-Gerard Costa, Ph.D. (Psychologist)

“… Dr. Carpente provides an invaluable resource for music therapists who provide services to people with autism and other neurodevelopmental disorders.”

Elizabeth K. Schwartz, M.A., LCAT, MT-BC, (Music Therapist)

“This clinical manual will be an indispensable tool for all music therapists who believe in the power of affect to help clients relate and communicate through the experience of musical-play.”

Cecilia Breinbauer, M.D. (Physician)